Abstract Submission Now Open



MDS invites all Members and non-members to submit an abstract for review for the International Congress.

Please note the following criteria:

  • All abstract submissions must be original research.
  • Abstracts that have been presented at other meetings may be submitted if they have not been previously published and if the meeting name and date are cited accordingly (full detailed information can be found on the abstract submission page).
  • An abstract may be rejected if the following are detected:

         - Plagiarism
         - Marketing
         - Subject not related to the field of Movement Disorders
         - Does not meet basic submission requirements

  • If your abstract is accepted, you must be prepared to travel to the International Congress in Hong Kong October 5–9, 2018 to present your research on the assigned date. 

* Faculty speaking at the International Congress are not required to submit an abstract.

How to Submit an Abstract

Abstract submissions are now open and are collected through the online submission page only – e-mailed abstracts or any other form of submission will not be accepted. There is no fee to submit an abstract.

Abstract submission will close March 8, 2018. All abstracts must be submitted in full by 11:59 PM CDT on March 8, 2018 to be considered – deadline extension requests will not be granted.


All accepted abstracts are presented as a printed poster and will be presented according to their category grouping schedule.

If your abstract is accepted, you (or a registered co-author or colleague) are required to:

  • Travel to the International Congress, October 5–9, 2018 in Hong Kong to present your abstract.
  • Present your abstract as a printed poster (poster dimensions will be provided on this webpage at a later date).
  • Present your poster according to the scheduled presentation date/time. 
    - Abstract presentation dates/times are subject to change; it is therefore advisable to plan to attend the International Congress in its entirety from October 5 – 9, 2018.
    - Abstract presentations are scheduled by category – individual presentation date change requests will not be granted.


All accepted abstracts will be published in an electronic supplement to the Movement Disorders journal, online edition.

Published abstracts from recent International Congresses can be found at: www.mdsabstracts.org.

To cite a published abstract, use the publication link to locate the abstract. When viewing the full text of a specific abstract, citation instructions will be provided at the bottom of the page. Please contact info@movementdisorders.org with any further questions.  

Questions about the International Congress can be sent to congress@movementdisorders.org