Session Evaluations

The deadline to complete the Session Evaluations is October 1, 2020.

Saturday, September 12
Session Number Session Name
101 Therapeutic Plenary Session
Updates on Medical Management Strategies for Parkinson's Disease:  Motor Aspects 
102 Therapeutic Plenary Session
Parkinson's Disease: Non- Motor Aspects
103 Therapeutic Plenary Session
Therapeutic Approaches to Chorea, Dystonia, Myoclonus
104 Therapeutic Plenary Session
Neurosurgical Management of Movement Disorders
Sunday, September 13
Session Number Session Name
201 Presidential Lectures

Parallel Session
COVID-19 and Movement Disorders


Themed Parallel Session
MSA and Pure Autonomic Failure


Themed Parallel Session
Update on Functional Movement Disorders


Parallel Session
Update on Genetics of Movement Disorders


Parallel Session
Heterogeneity of Parkinson's Disease: Clincial Phenotypes and Progression


Parallel Session
Huntington's Disease Continuum and Non-Huntington's Choreas


Teaching Course
Cognitive and Psychiatric Issues in the Parkinsonian Spectrum


Teaching Course
Dystonia, Ataxia, and Tics


Themed Skills Workshop
A Multidisciplinary Approach for Palliative Care


Themed Skills Workshop
DBS and Functional Communication in Parkinson's Disease: Insights and Intervention


Skills Workshop
Imaging in Parkinson's Disease


Skills Workshop
Phenomenology of Movement Disorders for Young Neurologists:
Semiological Tricks and Pitfalls


Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Big Data Anayltics in Clincial Research for Movement Disorders


Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Revisiting the Role in Non-Neuronal Cells in Parkinson's Disease


Video Session
Gait Disorders


Video Session
Tardive Syndromes and Other Drug Induced Movement Disorders

Monday, September 14
Session Number Session Name

Plenary Session
Treatable, Rare Movement Disorders Not to Miss


Themed Plenary Session
Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers:  A Multidisciplinary Approach


Themed Parallel Session
Innovative Models in the Integrated Management of Parkinson's Disease


Themed Parallel Session
Sleep Disorders in Parkinsonism: Science and Clinical Aspects


Parallel Session
Update on Recent Clinical Trials

310 Parallel Session
The Crossroads of Spasticity and Ataxia
311 Parallel Session
Advanced Multi-Modal Imaging and Big Imaging Data in Parkinson's Disease
403 Themed Teaching Course
Atypical Parkinsonisms: Clinical Overview
404 Teaching Course
Update on Neurosurgery for Movement Disorders
505 Themed Skills Workshop
Managing Comorbidities and Polypharmacy Issues in Parkinson's Disease
506 Skills Workshop
Botulinum Toxins: A Case-Based Approach
507 Skills Workshop
New Perspectives on Phenotype-Genotype Relationships
603 Themed Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Physical Exercise and Parkinson's Disease
604 Themed Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Setting Up Your Telemedicine Clinic
605 Special Topics in Movement Disorders
How to Become a Successful Movement Disorders Specialist
703 Video Session
Eye Movement Disorders
704 Video Session
Movement Disorder Emergencies
Tuesday, September 15
Session Number Session Name
204 Plenary Session
Neuroscience Bridges
312 Themed Parallel Session
The Evolving Spectrum of Movement Disorder Tauopathies
313 Parallel Session
Essential Tremor, Dystonia and Their Relationships
314 Parallel Session
Microbiome and the Gut-Brain Axis
315 Parallel Session
DNA Repeat Expansions: Old and New Forms
316 Parallel Session
Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
317 Parallel Session
Gene-driving Therapies Under Development for Parkinson's Disease
405 Themed Teaching Course
Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers
406 Teaching Course
Autonomic Disturbances in Movement Disorders
508 Skills Workshop
Genetic Testing, Counseling and Ethical Issues
509 Skills Workshop
How to use the MDS-UPDRS
510 Skills Workshop
Lessons from My Patients
606 Themed Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Autonomic Dysfunction: Pathophysiology and Advanced Testing
607 Special Topics in Movement Disorders
IPCs and Organoids for Parkinson's Disease
608 Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Metals and Calcium in my Brain
609 Special Topics in Movement Disorders
Nutrition and Microbiome in Health and Neurodegenerative Disease
705 Video Session
Pediatric Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders: Approach to a Child Who Moves Too Much
Wednesday, September 16
Session Number Session Name
205 Themed Plenary Session
Digital Health Technologies in Movement Disorders
206 Plenary Session
Translational Insights into New Parkinson's-Disease Modifying Therapies
207 Plenary Session
Controversies in Movement Disorders
208 Plenary Session
Highlights from 2020:  Looking Toward to 2021

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